HANNAHGRAM - A short message of hope, joy and encouragement - normally on a card decorated by the author.

This blog was set up in honour of our beautiful daughter Hannah, to enable and encourage family and friends to share electronic HannahGrams with each other. If you have one that you would like us to share with others, then send it to us via email. Mark & Ellen

A message to get on with the job

What a wonderful smile - and she was working hard at the time . We have invented a greeting card with "Hi How's it going? " in honour of Hannah . Not exactly a get well card, but a "get on with it" card.
Remembering her as we do today( especially), we are sure she would be saying "get on with the job" .
Here she was helping us scrub down the walls of our flat . Others were questioning " why " and there's her ever present smile and commitment to getting the job done . I remember too how when painting in the same venue her enthusiasm meant she wasn't worried about getting paint on her glasses- despite our concern .
Thinking of mum and dad , clare,paul and joel today as they must really miss her - and not just today !
Sent a box of those lovely Tasmanian cherries in her honor to some farmers in NW Victoria who have hardly had a crop for 12 years.

Go to the trouble of saying it in style

This is one of Hannah's reminders to Grandma. Each morning Grandma is supposed to let the agency know she is Ok by pressing the button .Failure to do so can create a panic. This message is on the door above the sink where Grandma, and everyone else, will read it - where it can be seen and where it works. We remember her at this time.


On February 3, 2008 my sister sent me this picture. Based on Matthew 14:22-33. It shows Jesus bending over to rescue Peter. Peter had, at Jesus' invitation, stepped out of the boat during a storm, and was walking towards Jesus. He became distracted by the waves, became afraid and started to sink. He called out "Jesus save me" and immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him.

In many ways Hannah too was "walking on water" before she slipped and fell. But as in this picture we believe that Jesus caught her and took her to be with Him forever.


On Sunday, February 10, 2008, all of the kids from Hannah's 'tribe' (sunday school class) made a special tribute to Hannah. After talking things through with the other teachers, a large number of balloons were brought into the room. Everyone was given a balloon and invited to write a little message on it. Some wrote beautiful messages of love and sorrow. Others wrote messages of hope and joy. When everyone was finished writing they all went outside and let them go ....


On Sunday, February 4, 2008 everyone at Hannah's church was invited to light a candle, or write a message of sorrow, hope, support, or encouragement in response to the news of Hannah's passing.

This was one of our favourites. Typical of the sort of messages that Hannah would write for others. It became the inspiration for this blog.

Hannah Marie Modra - "girl with the 1000 watt smile"